Meal Preparation and Diet Planning


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care and assistance.

Maintaining good nutrition and hydration is extremely important and imperative to the overall health and well-being of seniors.

Our carers can prepare all types of meals for our clients. This may be simply heating a ready meal and cooking some vegetables to accompany it or cooking a full meal depending on the visit time available and the client’s wishes.

We can liaise with clients and families to plan meals, do the shopping and prepare the meals in the clients home.

What types of services are available?
  • Meal preparation, companionship during mealtimes, and clean-up at meal completion
  • Meal planning, including preparing a grocery list, coupon clipping, shopping for nutritious foods and following dietary cooking requirements
  • Preparation of future meals
  • Compliance with physician and dietician recommended meal guidelines, resulting in balanced and appealing meals for seniors with blood pressure, heart, diabetes, kidney and liver problems
  • Monitor food freshness and expiration dates
  • Monitor diet and eating habits
  • Creative strategizing to overcome the negative impact of medications on the taste of food
  • Regular hydration scheduling by providing water at appropriate intervals throughout the day
Food hygiene and nutrition

All our carers are trained in food hygiene and nutrition and we are able to monitor food and fluid intake where required to support healthy nutrition.

Specific nutritional requirements

We can support clients with different nutritional requirements whether it is making thickened drinks, diabetic diets and blood sugar testing, or monitoring weight.

The opportunity to eat regular, healthful meals promotes strength, hydration, and recovery necessary for proper absorption of medications.

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