Companionship and Recreation


Considerate, private, respectful personal aged
care and assistance.

What types of services are available?

Many older people can spend extended periods of time without having meaningful a conversation, which can reduce their quality of life.

If you, or your loved one needs someone to have chat with and keep them company at home or during daily activities, our registered nurses and carers can provide elderly companion care of the highest standards.

What comes with this service?

This type of care is for those who do not need a lot of help but would like the companionship and support during their daily activities. This can have an emotional and cognitive benefit for elderly individuals due to the engaging conversations and reassurance when daily hassles or unfortunate life events occur.

Some ways our carers provide companionship:

  • Suggesting engaging activities to enjoy
  • Joining in on favourite hobbies and pastimes
  • Accompaniment on daily tasks or outings to local events
  • Getting to know friends and family when they visit or during group occasions
  • Stimulation of meaningful conversation on relevant topics to the client
  • Companionship during meals
  • Participation in activities formerly enjoyed by the client but no longer possible without assistance, such as gardening, sewing, cooking, painting or reading
  • Scheduling appointments and communicating with medical providers or personal care providers such as hairstylists
  • Supervision or monitoring of home repair or installation professionals
  • Mind Stimulation Games
  • Assist with Entertainment
  • Answer Telephone/Review Telephone Messages
  • Maintain Client Calendar
  • Discuss Current & Historical Events
  • Assist with Computer/Internet/E-mail use
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Our Reputation

We have built our reputation on being professional, organised and efficient. The bespoke home nursing services we offer are created by experts to meet the needs of individuals, and our compassion, confidentiality and attention to detail are just some of the things we know our clients value.

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