End of life care

End of life care

We believe that people suffering from serious, incurable illnesses should have the choice of being cared for in their own homes, surrounded by their families and loved ones. Our teams help people to reach the end of their life in comfort and with dignity.

Our End of Life service provides people with relief from the stress and pain of serious illness, and helps to improve the experience of those who are coming to the end of their lives. Our teams are trained to understand the unique challenges involved with delivering this type of care; our focus is to provide unobtrusive, sensitive support which promotes dignity. We work in close cooperation with palliative care nursing staff, such as Marie Curie, to ensure that the service user is as comfortable as possible.

Receiving End of Llife Care at home, rather than in a hospital or hospice, allows the service user to be close to their family and to draw comfort from familiar surroundings. Family members can also be more confident that their loved one is receiving a personalised programme of care, helping to raise the quality of the time they have left.


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