Dementia Care

Dementia Care

Care World’s Dementia Care teams receive specialist training to equip them with deep knowledge and understanding of the disease in its various forms and stages. This knowledge is coupled with ongoing skills training to ensure that our service users have access to the cutting-edge techniques which will help them to live safe and active lives. Our dementia support plans are always based on the needs of the individual service user, with an emphasis on putting the person, not the disease, first.

We provide a range of practical support to our dementia care service users; we assist with everyday activities such as personal care and dressing through to meal preparation as well as help administering medication. In addition to this hands on support we also offer much needed companionship, providing the sort of social interaction which can help dementia patients to stay engaged and active.

We understand that this disease effects not only the person suffering from dementia, but also their families. We also recognise that welcoming someone into your home to care for a vulnerable loved one requires a great deal of trust. That is why we work closely with the families of our service users to develop tailored care plans and provide regular opportunities for feedback from both parties.

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