Returning to the home after a spell in hospital can be daunting as patients often have to relearn every day skills or adapt the way they perform commonplace tasks. Our expert reablement teams are made up of trained occupational therapists and specialised care workers who work in close conjunction with healthcare professionals to manage the transition from hospital to life at home.

Unlike traditional home care in which care workers complete tasks for service users, reablement focuses on empowering people to look after themselves. Our teams teach service users the skills needed for daily life, from managing their own personal care through to tasks like cooking and cleaning. We devise highly personalised programmes for each of our reablement service users, identifying the specific areas or tasks which they need to learn to complete with confidence. We closely map progress to ensure that our support plans are highly responsive, adapting to each service user’s development trajectory.

This outcome-orientated approach means that we can help service users to quickly gain the skills they need to return to independent living. Furthermore, as studies for the Department of Health have shown, successful reablement programmes also reduce the need for long term care, with 68% of people no longer needing a home care support after using a hospital-to-home model.

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