Complex Care

Complex Care

Our Complex Care teams are comprised of highly qualified nurses, who have a wealth of experience delivering clinical interventions in a home environment, and specially trained Personal Assistants. Our nurses have backgrounds in critical care, spinal cord injury and neurological nursing as well as expertise in the field of domiciliary ventilation. They are highly trained and well equipped to carry out complex procedures such as tracheostomy care, gastric feeding, invasive bowel management, urinary catherisation. Non-clinical care is delivered by Personal Assistants, who are trained by nursing staff to understand the unique needs of the service user.

Our Complex Care offering is available for both adults and children living with profound disabilities. When developing care plans for children, we work closely with family members to incorporate the views, values and preferences of parents and siblings. Similarly, we have the upmost respect for the role played by the family members of our adult service users and we actively court their feedback and input.

Service users can access our Complex Care services on either a visiting or live-in basis. Welcoming someone into your home on a full time basis is a big step, but the Care World process has been designed to make the transition as smooth as possible. We take the time find a care worker who is best suited to your needs and lifestyle with the objective of pairing a service user with someone with whom they can build a real, lasting relationship.

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